Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Perfect Accessory for Your Skincare Regime: Anything (As Long As It's Red) (editorial)

Ladies, this one is for you--a study by Elliot and Niesta (1996) entitled 'Romantic Red: Red Enhances Men's Attraction to Women' reveals a trick which Gok, Susannah, Trinny et al. would do well to heed: It has been found that wearing red will lead a woman to appear more attractive and desirable by men - and, yet, the men won't know why. However, the study write-up continued, it is not thought to affect women's perception of other women nor men's perception of a woman's overall likeability.

Autumn © 1900 John William Godward

Elliot, A.J., and Niesta, D. (1996) Romantic Red: Red Enhances Men's Attraction to Women, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Volume 95, Issue 5, November 2008, Pages 1150-1164.

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