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Is it True...? Debunking The Top 10 Beauty Myths! (editorial)

Sugar cubes © 2009 nadmental
10 - Sugar gives you spots!

Yes and No. A high sugar diet can aggravate acne-prone skin (and we're talking certified acne here, not just a few breakouts) by increasing the levels of hormones and thereby artificially stimulating the skin's sebum production. So, for most people sugar will not increase the amount of spots you have, but below par cleansing and touching your face with unclean hands will.

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9 - Shaving makes hair thicker and darker!

No. Shaving tends to slice the hair at an angle which makes it look thicker and darker because of the increased surface area, particularly where it's wider nearer the root. No form of hair removal can thicken or darken your hair. Conversely, however, continued, prolonged waxing on the same area of the body can make the hairs there thinner and weaker, but it takes years!

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8 - Squeaky clean skin is great!

No. If your skin squeaks after cleansing you've removed every single trace of its natural oils which help to protect and nourish it. Your skin will dry out, and as a result it'll produce more oil than ever to try to combat your overzealous scrubbing. Trust me, I've been there! Read more about my experience at Introduction: The Beginning and The Ratings.

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7 - Split ends can be repaired!

No. Despite a plethora of products claiming they can repair your split ends, all they are actually doing is disguising them. The only way to rid yourself of split ends is to cut your hair. If you're trying to grow your hair out then by all means use whatever works to hide the damage, but your hair is damaged and needs extra attention and lots of gentle care. Curly hair is more susceptible than hair that's naturally straight, as it tends to be drier.  The biggest cause of split ends? Heat styling, so be careful.

Sun rays © 2007 OCAL
6 - Sun bathing is good for you!

Yes and No. It is true that we need some of the sun's rays – U.V.B. To be precise – to help us synthesise vitamin D, but all we need is about five minutes a day! If you're wearing sunscreen, and you should be, then you can increase that to fifteen minutes quite safely. You don't need to strip off, however; sun exposure on your face, neck and arms is normally plenty – even on a cloudy day! And remember, sun burn is skin damage, and a lot of that damage will be invisible... until you're older.

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5 - Products can shrink pores permanently!

No. You can disguise the size of your pores – either with make-up and/or an astringent, but pore size is decided by genetics not products. Also bear in mind that if you do use astringents on your face, apart from the undesirable drying effects, any pore disguising you achieve will be very temporary. Make-up is a better route. Oily skin tends to have larger pores than dry skin, it's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about; aiming for flawless skin perfection is often an impossible task.

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4 - Pluck one grey hair and more will grow!

No. If you pluck out a grey hair then that grey hair is gone until the next one grows in its place. If you then see more grey hairs, they were already there, you just didn't notice them before! It's not a good idea to pluck out any hairs anyway, because you risk damaging the root – if you damage the root you'll get less regrowth and that means thinner looking locks. Grey hair doesn't sound so bad now, does it? You can always dye it or rock the distinguished look.

Wooden hairbrush © 2008 lilieks
3 - Brushing your hair makes it shinier!

Yes and No. You can damage your hair if you brush it too often and never brush wet hair!  Use a soft bristle brush that's gentler and detangle first with wide-toothed comb if required. Some brushing can help spread natural oils from the roots down the lengths of your hair, and brushing does smooth the hair cuticles to help it reflect light.

Concealer © 2011 Calliopejen1
2 - Always use concealer before foundation!

No. If you use too much make-up, you'll look like you've caked it on. And you'll be caking it on if you apply concealer under foundation. You're wasting time, energy and product – foundation can cover a multitude of sins, that's what it was designed for! Concealer should only be applied to any problem areas that foundation missed.

Long hair © puhhha -
1 - Cutting your hair makes it grow faster!

No. Sorry. I wish this one were true, but the speed at which your hair grows is genetic and not determined by how often it's cut/washed/brushed etc. Christopher Walken swears by regular scalp massages to help his hair grow luxuriantly, and he might be onto something as scalp massages improve blood flow to the hair follicles, but cutting it will only make your hair neater not longer.


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