Friday, 9 November 2012

Blog Watch: gossmakeupartist by Wayne Goss (editorial)

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I’ve tried all kinds of make-up looks on myself over the years: Great Aunt Sally, Krusty the Clown, an X Factor contestant on fright night, a Boy George tribute act and more. The only thing each had in common is that it was supposed to make me look like Brad Pitt. No, better than Brad Pitt. But always - every single time - my attempts failed. Oh, there’s no denying it - my make-up artistry skills were bottom shelf, abandoned somewhere between cobwebs, spiders and discarded chewing gum.

And then I discovered Wayne Goss of the YouTube Channel gossmakeupartist. He’s a kind of mash-up of practising make-up artist, video blogger and several of the Power Rangers all rolled into one. 

It haven't always felt this way. Things were touch-and-go when one of his tutorials recommended NARS blusher in 'Exhibit A' for a man. A man, no less! I'd never heard of anything like it. After the shock of seeing the product face-to-face (and open-mouthed) in Selfridges - and wondering if I’d roll out looking like a Royal Mail postbox - I tried it. Oddly, it looked great: healthy, without a hint of Krusty. That's when I realised he was a keeper. 

When he’s not making up guys, he’s making up girls (mostly girls, actually) and you’ll also find skincare tips, make-overs, celebrity looks, hauls and product reviews. 

For me, it comes down to this: Thanks to Wayne Goss, I no longer have to worry about make-up. I can focus on other beauty dramas--like last week, when a wasp flew through my window and got stuck on my face, attracted by the glycerin in the hydrating mask I’d just applied. But I think that's the kind of thing I need to tackle by myself. 

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  1. Haha! Oh, how I wish I'd seen the wasp drama in person...

    I'd forgotten about Wayne, he does have some good videos!