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Avène Antirougeurs Light Moisturising Cream SPF 10 (review)

Avène Antirougeurs Light Moisturising Cream
Even though it is still important to use sunscreen in winter, I tend to use a slightly lower SPF in the darker, cloudier months to reduce the amount of chemicals I put onto my skin. This coupled with the fact I was looking a bit uneven toned led me to purchase Avène's Antirougeurs day cream with SPF 10.

This is an anti-redness, light moisturiser designed for normal to combination skin promising vascular and climatic protection with some sun protection for good measure. Avène, named after the commune in Hérault in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France, makes all of its products with locally sourced thermal spring water. They are, as you might expect, non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

The inclusion of thermal spring water is a long-established beauty 'secret', used not just by Avène but also La Roche-Posay and Evian. With the minerals allegedly useful for soothing irritated skin, lightly nourishing and – in water spray form – good for gently refreshing you and your make-up, they're ideal for sensitive skin. Reassuringly, Avène uses thermal water with “a low salt mineral content adapted to sensitive skin”.
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The cream itself is a light turquoise blue colour – the dye is added to help combat any redness, but rest assured it does blend in invisibly – but what impresses most is the texture. It's a luxurious, creamy emollient that feels divine and is so easy to smooth into your skin. It looks, feels and smells like a properly premium product so it's an absolute pleasure to use. The level of moisturisation is also just right for normal to combination skin. It sinks in easily, but leaves your skin looking plump and dewy. Even after a face scrub or coming in from the windy, frosty weather outside, one application left my face feeling comfortable and fresh.

It's not as natural as you might expect. Included are a few ingredients I'd rather not see in a product, such as colourants (although they do serve a purpose here) and Propylene Glycol. There's confusion over the inclusion of mineral oil, too. On my packet there's no mention of it, but online it's listed about halfway down. It might have been reformulated, so if you're worried about that please check the packaging before purchasing.

The tube contains 40 ml, about 10 ml less than most face creams and for this Avène charge £13.50, which bearing in mind the efficacy of the product I would say is fairly good value for money. There are other products in the range if you need more help with redness or sensitivity, but what endears me to their Light Moisturising Cream is its versatility. The quality is so high, I can see this cream suiting most skin types, but do look elsewhere if you're in a sunny part of the world. SPF 10 is only really good enough for cloudy wintry areas.

Perfectly moisturising and caring
For the price I'd prefer a bit more product
Blue-green tint helps combat any redness
Mixes natural ingredients with artificial ones
Lovely texture and pretty luxurious to use

Packaging is fully recyclable


Brand: Avène


Size: 40 ml
Price: £13.50 (£33.75/100 ml)

Manufactured: France

Ingredients: Avene Thermal Spring Water (Avène Aqua), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil (Carthamus Tinctorius), Ethylhexylmethocinnamate, Glycerin, PEG-12, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Glycerin, Glycerin Sterarate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Methylene Bis-Benxotrizolyl, Tetramethybutylphenol, Squalane, Water (Aqua), BHT. BLUE1 (Cl 42090), Carbomer, Ceteareth-33, Chlorphenesin, Decyl Glucoside, Dextran Sulfate, Dimethicone, Disodium Edta, Frangrance (Parfum), Hesperidin Methy Chalcone, O-Phenylphenol, Phenoxyethanol, Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract (Ruscus Aculeatus), Triethanolamine, Xanthan Gum


  1. hi

    good post. I like Avene products and we sell it.


  2. Thanks for the review! :) I do have redness on my face and neck and I plan to purchase this.

  3. I hope it helps! In my experience you can usually rely on Avène products to do the job. :-)