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Avon Treselle Eau de Parfum (review)

Avon Treselle Eau de Parfum
I must confess that this perfume I bought blind. That is to say the only thing I knew prior to purchase was what Avon told me, which was 'seductive musks and blossoms of tiger orchid contrast with brilliant white tuberanthia.' Well, I like musk and tiger orchid and I had yet to try a white fragrance that I didn't like, but what actually sold it to me? I must admit, it was the bottle. I absolutely loved it, and I still do. It's one of the prettiest, most elegant bottles in my collection. The combination of soft pinky purple liquid capped with gold (-effect) neck and lid and the sensuous shape of the glass caught my eye, and I figured even if I didn't like the scent, at £13.00 it wouldn't be a huge loss.

It first came to market in 2003 and was created in cooperation with Ilias Ermenidis (who has designed scents for numerous celebrities) and Alberto Morillas (co-creator of the classic Calvin Klein One and Bvlgari Omnia) and is structured with white tuberanthia, lotus and rose gold lifescent top notes (does anyone know what the latter note actually is?!), liquorice, black pepper, melati flower (jasmine) middle notes and a base of musk, iris flower absolute and tiger orchid. The rose is quite strong here, whereas the spicy black pepper (which I love in fragrances!), liquorice and musk are unfortunately pretty indistinct.

Overall, I don't like it. It would probably have been fine if the black pepper was more striking and the base was more dominant with some more guts to it, as it's the best part of the fragrance, but generally it just smells vaguely fruity/floral to me and lacks the class and depth that I had expected. Nevertheless, it's initially surprisingly strong but reminds me of a strong flowery bath foam more than anything. I feel like this was a missed opportunity, as the list of notes included do show potential, but Treselle simply doesn't deliver. It's a potentially romantic scent, but is lacking in life so would in reality work better as a generic day-to-day fragrance. I used it up by wearing it to work, and no one ever commented on it.

It has done well for Avon, though. It's been on the market for ten years now and shows no sign of being discontinued. A shower gel, body lotion and aerosol spray are also available if you like to layer your scent, and this might be an idea if you like this one because the lasting power of the EDP isn't great. The range was expanded further in 2011 with Treselle Mystique which smells overwhelmingly of honey, and is poorly done, but that too is still selling. Unlike the original, Mystique lacks the classy, elegant packaging, being predominantly black and grey, but as is the case with all personal purchases such as fragrance: each to their own!

Very affordable
The most interesting notes are subdued
The design of the bottle is fantastic; so pretty!
Little more than a generic, watery white floral

No depth or substance to the scent, which makes it feel cheap


Brand: Avon

Size: 50 ml
Price: £13.00 (£26.00/100 ml)

Manufactured: Poland

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40-B, Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Benzophenone-1,; Red 33, Yellow 5, Red 4, Ext. Violet 2, Blue 1

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