Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cannes Film Festival Beauty (news)

The Cannes film festival has come and (nearly) gone, but the beauty looks will stay with us.  The combination of sun, exotic location and celebrities combine to make this festival one of the most glamorous of all the film festivals and is worthy of a post on Beauty Insignia!
Overview of Cannes from La Castre © 2005 Kenshin

Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Nicole Kidman all worked sleek, polished 'dos that were the height of restrained elegance.  This theme continued with the older women, too - Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Stone shone, not just with their hair and make-up but their dresses, too, with Kristin rocking a daring v-neck, and Sharon exposing her entire back.  They were amongst the best dressed at the event, which just reinforces my belief that age is not a barrier to being provocatively dressed.  If you've got it, flaunt it!

Like any big event there were hiccups, of course, Eva Longoria revealed rather more than she intended when she picked up the train of her dress and showed everyone that she wasn't wearing any underwear, and Elena Lenina wore every scrap of make-up she could get her hands on making her look a bit like a clown, but overall what struck me the most was how most attendee's make-up was subtle and elegant.  Hairstyles were simplified, with buns and pony tails taking precedence over voluminous beehives and cascading waves.
For lots of pictures and extra coverage of the Cannes Film Festival please visit Vogue and Daily Mail as I can't post pictures here as it would cost too much to purchase them all!

Inspired by the glamorous celebrities, we'll be reviewing Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector SPF 15 this Bank Holiday weekend, so you, too, can look flawless.  Oh, and one more thing... this is Beauty Insignia's 100th post!  Wow, that's come around quickly!

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