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CB I Hate Perfume #402 M2 Black March (review)

CB I Hate Perfume Black March
This isn't a pretty fragrance, but it is delicate: It is full of both hope and sadness and I don't know which of these things excites me most. Buy Black March and smell like soil and twigs and wet leaves--like you've been rolling around Hampstead Heath during a picnic or like you've fallen in a puddle in Hyde Park a couple of months before the weather truly allows for it. 

I think the thing about this kind of fragrance is that it smells so much of something that you probably only like it if that something it smells of is a good memory for you. Personally, I love it--all of that sap, bark, wet leaves and mushy Spring-ness. For me, it is like a bike ride in the New Forest, gardening during the first of the year's sunshine, and that shortcut through the fields on the way to work that's lined with spring bulbs that are growing but not yet flowering. 

I was first attracted to trying this fragrance after reading a write-up by creator, Christopher Brosius, on his website. I was hooked with the opening description: "I went to a funeral on Friday. Of course it was very said but it was also strangely beautiful as well." 

That kind of introduction is going to make even the most perfume-weary person take note, isn't it? 

"As we paid our last respects," he continued, "I stood meditating on the sky, the landscape and the air full of the scents of fresh earth, tended grass and new buds and I couldn't help but think of Stevie Smith's marvelous poem, Black March.  It seemed the perfect day for it."

Finding Black March in the shops was a true delight. While our American friends can shop CB I Hate Perfume's range online, no such service exists within the UK, and since many carriers are unhappy flying out flammable products, this is a fragrance range that is hard to come by. To find it in a shop where I could test it before purchase was really great. 

Christopher Brosius describes the fragrance's composition as "a fresh clean scent composed of Rain Drops, Leaf Buds, Wet Twigs, Tree Sap, Bark, Mossy Earth and the faintest hint of Spring." He hints, too, towards a secret component. The overall effect is one of walking in the woods on a wet March day: The fragrance lingers on your body, but doesn't trail, and it smells just like breathing fresh woodland air. 

The best thing about it for me is that this fragrance changes dramatically. Spritz it on a jacket and after a few days it becomes warmer, friendlier, and new notes seem to emerge. It is like the metamorphosis from spring to the start of the summer. The wet notes evaporate and the sun comes out. 

I've passed my bottle of Black March around the office to garner opinions. The majority wouldn't buy or wear it themselves, but most appreciated the smell and hinted to the memories it brought back. That it smells exactly how it is described is a great thing. I think if you are unsure you might want to experiment with some of the other CB I Hate Perfume products: Not because this isn't a great perfume (it is) but because not everybody likes the smell of Spring. 

I bought this product in the 100 ml water perfume incarnation.  The beauty of this lighter fragrance alternative it is strikingly obvious: It is at a perfect dilution to use on the skin, or on clothes, or on fabrics around the house, or as a room spray. It doesn't ever smell over-done and by its design it isn't something that's meant to leave a trail or knock out people in the street. I have been complimented on it at work after using only a couple or sprays over my clothes, so I know that it isn't something that just fades away and the staying power is good. 

The water perfume is packaged in a long, glass tube bottle with a spray and a silver cap. The glass is thick and sturdy so you are safe putting it into a gym bag or carrying it around with you in a handbag. The tube came packaged in a black, matte cardboard tube--the kind you'd keep papers or important documents in. The bottle is wrapped in a scroll printed with CB I Hate Perfume's vision for fragrance. You can also buy Black March in 2 or 15 ml fragrance absolute. I paid £88 for this bottle in Liberty, London. CB I Hate Perfume's website advertises it for sale at $90.00. 

This fragrance is one of the most exciting I've bought in a while. Not everybody will like it, but really, that's okay. 

Bottle is simple and elegant
Some people won't 'get' it (but that's okay)
Unique, unique, unique!
Hard to get gold of in the U.K. :(
A true representation of a black march


Brand: CB I Hate Perfume

Size: 100 ml
Price: £88.00 (£88.00/100 ml)

Manufactured: United States

Ingredients: Distilled Water (Aqua), Fragrance Compounds (Parfum), PPG-26, Buteth-26, Hydrogenated Castor Oil. 

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