Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder – Flawless Matte (review)

Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder
Even with mattifying moisturisers and oil-absorbing primers I still get a visible oil slick on my face after a few hours. When I use traditional foundation powders my skin tends to get congested as I apply it throughout the day, so recently I switched to this: a pure and natural mineral finishing powder that contains only two ingredients! (See below.)

Lily Lolo offer three varieties of their face powders: Flawless Matte for doll-like complexion perfection – this is the one I'm using – and a more natural-looking Translucent Silk which better illuminates normal to dry skin types. There's also suits-all-skin-tones Flawless Silk which is lightly tinted, and offers better coverage and brightening effects. None of them make your face look sparkly or glittery, so they're fine for daytime use (and in front of the camera, too – a camera flash can catch shiny particles and make you look washed out).

The use of the word 'silk' is apt, as this really is one of the most highly refined, satin-soft powders I've ever come across. It's ultra smooth, luxurious to touch and – most importantly of all – blends seamlessly into my skin. The all-white formula of the Flawless Matte powder might look like it'll take a while to work in, but in reality it's quick and easy, and leaves no tell-tale signs that you ever used it. Other than the fact you look so good – you could always lie and say you were born flawless.

Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder with Powder Puff
Each product comes with a padded sponge which can be used to pat powder all over your face, and the results with this method are good. I find I do need to work it in a little more than I do when I use a powder brush. A brush gives you lighter but still effective coverage and is faster than using the sponge. Dab the brush in the powder, tap off the excess and sweep over face and neck, paying particular attention to your oilier t-zone.

This leaves me looking smoother, more 'together' and even calmer. Afterall, an oily face can ruin a sophisticated look, making you appear stressed or unkempt, so this finishing powder is essential for any business meeting, wedding, or night on the town. It lasts well, even on my skin type, and most people probably won't need to top up for a good six hours or so. And if that wasn't enough, fifty separate reviewers on Lily Lolo's website rate this as a five-star product, saying things like “makes my combination skin look totally photo-shopped”, “[gives me] an air-brushed finish” and “it really makes your complexion flawless”. I also think it's good value for money, and for all these reasons it has to be one of the highest scoring products on Beauty Insignia to date!

Works wonders on normal – oily skin
Easy to apply and blend

Natural formula is wonderfully simple

BUAV-approved and vegan friendly



Brand: Lily Lolo

Size: 7 g
Price: £12.49 (£178.43/100 g)

Manufactured: n/a

Ingredients: Kaolin CI77004, Mica CI77019

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