Friday, 10 May 2013

The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show: An Introduction (news)

Effects of ageing 2012 © GBdeZeeuw
Richard and I are off to The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show; the first show in the U.K. dedicated to helping men and women look their best at any age. It's on this coming weekend at London's Olympia venue.

The image explanation:
A. Increased redundancy of the nasolabial fold (caused by a descent of cheek fat)
B. Increased distance from the ciliary margin to the inferior-most point of the orbicularis oculi muscle (caused by decreasing tone of the orbicularis oculi muscle)
C. Jowl (a broken jaw line by ptosis of the platysma muscle)
D. The intended effect of a facelift

I'm excited because two of my beauty heroines will be there signing books, dishing out tips and sharing their experiences. Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairly from Beauty Bible have been testing products, writing reviews and educating their readers for more years than they probably care to admit, but their help has been invaluable to help put people, like myself, back on the path to beauty harmony again.

For me, it was my oily skin that caused me so many problems as a teenager. I touched on this in my introduction and it was one of their books that advised against harsh, alcoholic cleansers and toners and instead suggested I try a gentler approach to skincare. It worked, and I've never looked back.

Of course there are lots of other exciting things to see, do and buy, such as sample beauty treatments from world leading practitioners; more product testers than you can conceivably get through in a day; live demonstrations of the newest, most advanced eye, dental and skincare treatments; talks on complimentary remedies (another area I'm interested in, having worked in that field when I was younger) as well as professional make-up artists and hair stylists on hand to solve all of your issues.

We'll do a full recap of the day's events after we've been and devoured the products, picked the expert's brains and sampled a treatment or two. For more information go to The Anti-Ageing Show and Olympia Health and Beauty Show.


My thoughts on the show are now up.  Please click on The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show: An Evaluation. For Richard's thoughts go to A Lovely Outing - The Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show.

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