Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maple Holistics Dead Sea Mineral Youth Purifying Therapeutic Facial Mud Mask (review)

As a beauty neophyte I found it a tad daunting when Cameron asked me to review one of Maple Holistic’s products. I decided to give it a try, as I’m turning thirty this year (eeeep!) and I think it’s about time I start taking care of myself. Here you have my review of Maple Holistics Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Now, a little Gaby beauty background. I’ve never been one to use many cosmetics; in fact, I don’t use makeup at all. I apply SPF 30 and moisturizers whenever I remember or when I’m feeling extra dry or ashy. I’m essentially cosmetologically challenged, but I have two or three products I swear by. Luckily my skin is not yet showing any real signs of aging, but I figure it's never too early to fight that first wrinkle. The mud mask certainly seemed like a dramatic start to my beauty voyage, but I figure, why dip your toe in the pool when you can do a cannonball?

Maple Holistics Dead Sea Mineral Youth Facial Mud Mask

When I received my jar of mud I was ready for the challenge. The mud mask comes in a black plastic jar. Right off the bat I was impressed with its simplicity and sophisticated appearance. It is a nice change from the typical white of most beauty products and I think it would look pleasing should you leave it out on your bathroom counter or vanity.

Once I opened the jar the first thing I noticed was the unmistakeable smell of sage, as clary sage is one of the product’s main additives, along with lavender and German chamomile. It also has the faint, yet familiar smell of other Dead Sea products—it is salty, yet clean. While strong, it is a natural, earthy smell that I found quite pleasant.

Though the product came with no instructions, the Maple Holistics product page states that “mineral mud mask is best applied as a face or body mask to be left on the skin to dry, followed up by a rinse and moisturizer.” I used it only on my face and at Cameron’s suggestion used the instructions on Wikihow’s “How to Apply a Mud Mask” article. 

The mud’s consistency is luxuriously thick and creamy. I could imagine this product being used in a professional beauty spa. It spread easily over my face with two fingers. The mud was pleasantly cooling as it began to dry on my skin. Within a few minutes I could feel it “working”, that is, it began to dry and gently tug on my skin. I left it on for twenty minutes and then wiped it off with a damp washcloth. I had to keep re-dampening my washcloth, but the mud came off easily enough and after a quick rinse my face felt clean again.

I would consider my skin type “normal” to dry, and prone to blackheads in certain spots. After the first use my skin felt smooth and moisturized. As someone who typically needs a facial moisturizer just to feel comfortable I really liked that. My face usually has a tight, draggy feeling after washing, but after the mud mask it felt quite comfortable. After the second use the pores on the tip of my nose were clearer and with less noticeable blackheads. After the third use my skin began to show what I can only describe as a glowing dewiness. It looked young and fresh and felt very smooth to the touch. After the fourth use it was time for bed, so I washed my face with my usual St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub and was surprised to find my blackheads were clear and my pores looked cleaner than they have in years.

I’m overall pleased with the results of the mud mask, but it seems like something you’d have to keep using lest your skin problems come right back. I have used the product once a week for four weeks on myself and twice on willing human lab rats and the jar is still a bit over half full. It works out to about a 3-month supply for $30, which is really not bad if you're looking to use a mud mask regularly. Once this jar is empty I may buy a second one, if only to ward off the effects of the big 3-0!

Disclosure: This product was given to us free of charge so that we could review it for you. Donated products are reviewed impartially, with no intended bias. To read about our disclosure policy, click here

Pleasant, natural smell
No clear directions for use
Stylish black jar
A bit pricey for a jar of mud (but it should last months)
Soothing and cooling on skin


Brand: Maple Holistics

Size: 8.5 oz/251 ml
Price: $30.00/£19.61 (£7.81/100 ml)

Manufactured: Mud is reportedly from Israel; no information on where product is actually made.

Ingredients: Natural Dead Sea Mud, Glycerin USP, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil, Pseudocollagen, Matricaria Chamomilla L (German Chamomile) Oil, Biodynes EMPP

Alternative: Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask


  1. Great review, Gaby! You've made me want to try the mask, I'm always looking for something new that actually works. :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm going to keep using it weekly until the mud runs out. Then I'll be young again!

  3. Nice review! I might give this a go. I like the idea of anti-ageing AND anti-spots in one product. I need a little dose of both of those things, hahaha.