Tuesday, 6 August 2013

This Week on the High Street (news)

Fountain: The Beauty Molecule

This week will see the launch of new anti-ageing elixir, Fountain. Sold exclusively in Boots, Elixir is a resveratrol-infused, pomegranate flavoured supplement drink, priced at £24.99 for 250 ml. It is taken as a 5 ml shot, daily, or mixed with juice or other liquid. Resveratrol, commonly found in grapes, is a natural compound which has well-documented anti-inflammitory and anti-ageing effects on the skin. Now, you can take advantage of these properties without cracking open a bottle of red.

While cosmetics have been infused with resveratrol for years, the evidence pointed to benefits when the ingredient is taken internally. Although many cosmetics will boast of their vitamin and mineral content, there is often less evidence of efficacy in cosmetics use because the ingredients may not be able to penetrate the skin. When they do make a difference, it is often the case that it is in a time-limited, surface way. Fountain overcomes this by introducing a water-soluble resveratrol to be taken orally.

Fountain launches on Wednesday 7 August. At time of writing, it is available on 3 for 2 offer online.

Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare

Chanel's new arsenal comprises a skincare trio: Le Jour de Chanel (£60.00/50 ml), La Nuit de Chanel (£60.00/50 ml), and Le Weekend de Chanel (£72.00/50 ml). The set includes three complimentary products which, Chanel write, restores the skin's fundamental functions and resynchronize its natural rhythms every day. Le Jour is a product for daytime use which energises skin and prepares it for the day ahead, with soothing and pore-tightening ingredients in a fresh, translucent, melt-away formula. La Nuit, applied at night, soothes the skin in a comfortable cocoon preparing it for the following day, leaving skin plump and smooth. Le Weekend provides intense hydration whilst resurfacing the skin. Available in shops and online now.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Big news for followers of this cult product: Advanced Night Repair has been reformulated and is available in shops and online now. Online, you can take advantage of the introductory price of £44.00/30 ml, ending next month. Their new formula, Estee Lauder say, supports 'a night-time purification process'.

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