Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Eva Fraser's Facial Workout (review)

Eva Fraser's
Facial Workout
Let’s get serious for a second. There’s only so much skincare can do. By its nature, it might condition the skin temporarily, but the effects will soon wear off after the product is discontinued. It is a cosmetic, meaning it will only really deal with surface corrections, rather than provide deep-rooted results. And even then, its results might not necessarily be  what one was hoping for. Skincare, sadly, is limited. But, I think I’ve found the answer. 

Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout is a book (available in print or digitally through devices such as Amazon’s Kindle) which contains exercise programs for the face. They can provide results such as reduced under-eye bags, fuller cheeks, reduced double chin, and much more. Also included is a skincare plan and make-up tips for different age groups. Published by Penguin, the Kindle version is available for £6.99, cheaper than many moisturisers. 

At 175 pages, putting the exercise regimens into action is quick and simple. Exercises can be picked by result so that time isn’t spent unnecessarily completing tasks which are irrelevant to the individual. It begins with a beginners regimen and progresses to a more specific, life-time plan. It can be completed in a few minutes a day, with one day off each week, and no specialist tools are required, other than a mirror. An established program for a number of years, the techniques Eva Fraser teaches were devised by Eva Hoffman and her doctor friend in 1930. They combine a mix of stretching techniques and muscle manipulation and exercise.

I originally purchased this book about fifteen years ago, many years before I really needed it. I kept in on my shelf for years, finally putting it to use when I was 29, and, really, with only slight signs of ageing. I assumed, wrongly, that it was going to be a mix of hocus-pocus and the placebo effect, but I am pleased to say that I was wrong. When you get into the exercises, particularly the advanced ones, you can feel the muscles working in the same way you might if you were to go to the gym and work out with the weights. You can feel the same resistance, initial struggle, and, over time, you can feel the exercises becoming easier with practice. Importantly, you can see the results.

These are the things I’ve noticed: My under-eye bags are visibly reduced. I used to have bags all day, every day. Now, after about six months of exercises, I only have bags when I get up in the morning. By the time the puffiness in my face has subsided, normally after I’ve showered, they’re gone. Only extreme tiredness will bring them back. My chin is firmer, and the double chin I was getting has receded. My face is more symmetrical. My head and neck muscles are more supple, and I am able to move with ease: this is most noticeable when I am cycling and have to look behind me before signalling. Previously, I struggled to look behind me without moving my whole body; now I can do it by moving my neck only. I feel confident that if I were to use any of the other exercise regimens then I’d get good results, too, as on reading through them they make intuitive sense based on the physiology of the face. However, I have chosen, at the moment, to only focus on under-eyes, chin, and general suppleness. 

I don't know how this workout would pan out for people who have advanced signs of drooping. I wonder what effect it would have on skin that is visibly droopy but then retrained though the muscle exercises.  Would the skin tighten in sympathy with the new muscle tone? I presume this would be the case, but to what extent, I don't know. I am fortunate that I found this book early, right at the first signs of losing a little muscle tone. 

The reason I think that this book hasn’t become more successful is a desire for instant results. Whilst a cream can be applied in around ten seconds if necessary, applying the teachings in this book can take time each day. It is an investment, and that puts many people off. But for those who want results - definite results - then there are gains to be had. Eva Fraser’s workout is, then, a skin-firming must-have for those who want to battle the droop, because it does things skincare, injections, and more invasive measures can’t. 

Easy-to-follow regimens
Some of the content, such as the make-up tutorials, didn't interest me... But you might love it. 
Noticeable effects

Brilliant value


Brand: Eva Fraser 

Price: £6.99 (Based on Amazon's current selling price for the Kindle version)


  1. Hmm, I hope this is not a second comment, but I have been using her exercises for about 6 months and they really work.

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