Monday, 9 September 2013

Frozen Cosmetics and Helpful Bacteria: What's Next in Beauty? (news)

With 2013 in full swing, we take a look at predictions for what's to come in the world of beauty. 

Emmanuelle Bassmann, managing director of In-Trend Ltd, predicts that BB creams are here to stay; they are more than just a fad, she says, and instead the concept of multipurpose products will rise in popularity. Bassmann adds that, for her, one of the most intriguing trends is of the new, autologous creams made from one's own stem cells, a controversial product with a single jar costing around $3000.00 (In-Cosmetics, 2013). 

Chris Lindsley, global skincare analyst with Mintel, predicts a rise in popularity of using water overtly in skincare preparations, because it relates so well to popular positioning trends such as natural and marine ingredients. He suggests there could be further experimentation with 'states' of water, which might be reflected in an increase of preparations that must be refrigerated and even frozen. Lindsley also mentions the potential for the use of water in beauty drinks (In-Cosmetics, 2013). 

Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst of The NPD Group, predicts strong sales in the prestige beauty market. In skincare, Grant predicts an explosion in colourful, novelty packaging as well as the traditional mainstay of serious, scientific-looking packaging, as well as advanced lip products and eye gel applications. She has noted an increase in the number of high-end foundations taking to the market, and also sales of premium gift sets, despite their traditional image as a budget product. Grant expects this trend to continue (Grant, 2013). 

Marie Alice Dibon, PHARMD, of Alice Communications, Inc., notes that many big brands are investigating microbiota (the bacteria that helps make up the human body), with a focus on looking at skin development and odour production. This could lead to a concept where prebiotics are applied to the skin (Dibon, 2013). 


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