Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Web Watch: 'smartskincare.com' by Dr. G. Todorov, Ph.D. (editorial)

This is a brief but hearty recommendation to bookmark Dr. G. Todorov's website, smartskincare.com. Dr Todorov is a researcher with a special interest in the regulation of cell growth and the mechanisms of the ageing process. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology, an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology, a B.Sc. in Chemistry and an ADA DPD in Clinical Nutrition. 

On his mission, Dr. Todorov writes:
SmartSkinCare.com is an independent skin care information portal for savvy consumers. We don't sell skin care products or cosmetics. Nor do we endorse or are influenced by skin care manufacturers. Our goal is to help you work out the smartest possible strategy for your personal skin care and rejuvenation. Our main sources of information are clinical skin rejuvenation studies conducted by independent research institutions and published in peer reviewed biomedical journals. Here are just some of the things we help you find out:
  • What really works in the world of skin care - and what is just a waste of time and money.
  • What the benefits and dangers are of various skin treatments and procedures.
  • How to make smart skin care choices and avoid being misled by skin care hype.
  • How to dramatically reduce you skin care expenses.
  • How to make your own anti-aging skin care formulations.
On today's visit I've discovered some things I didn't know before. I now know that fluorescent lighting can sometimes generate UVA, and might contribute to 3% of lifetime exposure. I also learnt that zero-calorie sweeteners might also contribute to weight gain, and found out the truth behind the biological process of ageing. 

The beauty of this website, in my opinion, is that it provides well-researched  advice which is free from the influence of cosmetics manufacturers. This advice ranges from the function of certain ingredients on the skin to specific concerns such as fillers. After all, if there's one thing we need in the cosmetics industry, it is more facts and less fiction. 

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