Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo (review)

I am bored of this dry shampoo from Lush. I've been using it, every other day, for what seems like months on end and it still hasn't run out! I've never experienced anything like this before because normally an average can of dry shampoo will last a couple of weeks, tops. So, without even getting into the crux of the review, let me start by stating wholeheartedly that Lush's entrant is gob-smackingly good value for money.

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

But is it any good? The fact I have continued to use it all this time bodes well, of course, but it has its good and bad points which are detailed below...

Other than the amazing value for money, it is also an extremely good hair thickener. It really does vamp up each and every strand for maximum body, meaning your hair not only looks (and feels fresher) but actually has more oomph than when it's freshly washed. Plus the extra grip this affords means it's super easy to style your hair, especially an up-do.

The powder also smells quite nice. It has a citrusy, grapefruity scent that is certainly pleasant – and different from most dry shampoo fragrances – but I can't smell it once it's on my hair which could be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view. Personally, I'd prefer to smell a bit of the freshness.

It's difficult to use. Despite months of practice I still can't prevent the powder from getting everywhere – my face, ears, clothes, the basin, floor, even my mirror. It's just too messy. If you apply it to your hands first, it falls through your fingers. If you shake it directly onto your hair it ends up on your shoulders. If you squirt it directly at your roots you get stubborn white clumps of powder that take forever to blend in.

And speaking of white... it does coat my hair, leaving it lacking in shine and with a pale, powdery topcoat no matter how carefully and thoroughly I comb and brush my hair after use. If it wasn't for the thickening properties, these issues alone would have stopped me from carrying on using it. Even thick hair looks lifeless if it's matte.

If you're willing to experiment with some glossing or shine serums then you can make this work for you. Adding some artificial shine is what I've had to resort to in order to give my hair back the life it loses through Lush's dulling powder. But I do like how 'bodied' my hair gets after use, and I also like that it's a good price and lasts for ages. (Lush claim it'll keep for about four years after manufacture – which incidentally was done by someone called Gintas according to the sticker on my bottle.)

It's also a genuinely natural option – 100% natural, they claim – but there is 'parfum', which the shop assistant I was speaking to said was made only from essential oils. I can't confirm her claims, but took her at her word. It's preservative free, for definite, with no aerosol propellants to worry about. All in all, not a bad showing, but I won't be buying it again. For you environmentalists, though, I'd say this was right up your street!

Lasts FOREVER (maybe not, but you catch my drift)
Not easy to use and quite messy, to boot
Very good value for money
Fragrance doesn't last on hair
Nice fragrance

An environmentally friendly option


Brand: Lush

Website: www.lush.co.uk

Size: 115 g
Price: £6.75 (£5.87/100 ml)

Manufactured: United Kingdom

Ingredients: Cornflour, Magnesium Carbonate, Talc, Perfume, Grapefruit Oil, Lime Oil, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool

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