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Baobab Pulp Smoothies (recipe)

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Baobab Pulp, Berry and Banana Smoothie

I’m just about at that point where I’ve realised that not every drink I have can be a Harlem Hard Shake. If you haven’t had the pleasure, the Harlem Hard Shake is a cocktail created at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen, and it consists of cardinal delights including salted caramel, rum, Jaegermeister and vanilla ice cream. No, as much as I adore them, there needs to be more to my diet. I need something to wake me up in the morning, for a start. And I’ve found a good thing to do that: these baobab pulp, berry and banana smoothies.

Baobab pulp, specifically in its powder form, is something Cameron and I came across at an anti-ageing beauty event earlier in the year. It comes from the fruit of the iconic baobab tree, and it is bursting with vitamin C, a skin-loving antioxidant. In fact, its anti-oxidant power is many times stronger than apples, oranges and acai berries, often thought themselves to be powerhouses of vitamin C. 


2 tbsp baobab pulp powder
200 ml milk
1 large banana
40 g frozen, mixed berries
1 teaspoon honey
3 ice cubes


Blender that can crush ice


This isn’t a complicated recipe because, well, who has time for that? So let’s keep this simple: Throw it all into a blender, spin until liquid, and drink. And after all of that hard work, isn’t it nearly time for a Harlem Hard Shake?

Baobab Pulp, Apple, Kiwi and Mint Smoothie

Baobab pulp is a peculiar fruit. It tastes like a mix of pear, caramel and grapefruit, so it goes with a lot of things. It also lasts a long time because it is shipped into the country in powder-form, so there’s no rush to eat it before it goes mouldy in the fruit bowl. 

At the moment, baobab powder isn’t something that you can pick up in the supermarket. Speciality retailers sell it, but otherwise you’ll probably be better off buying it online or popping to the high street where you can get it in Holland and Barrett.

This recipe is refreshing and energising. I like it so much because I find it is the perfect thing to drink when I’m just back from the gym and I want a hydrating pick-me-up. 


2 tbsp baobab pulp powder
1 apple
1 kiwi
5 ice cubes
Mint, to taste


Blender that can crush ice


Honestly, this recipe isn’t much harder than the last one to pull off. Thrown into the mix is a knife, used only to chop the mint, before you toss the ingredients into a blender until liquid. Serve in a champagne flute, close your eyes, and pretend it isn’t healthy. 

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