Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask (review)

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask 
The reason that this mask is so great is not so much what it does but what it doesn't do. Let me explain. The problem with other masks is this: You tend to get a range of masks that is too small to cater for the amount of skincare concerns out there. You might get one for dry skin, one for oily skin, and perhaps one for sensitive skin. And that's okay if your skin is just dry, or just oily, or just sensitive. But if, like me, you have sensitive skin that's oily in parts and parched in others, then you're doomed. Face masks for oily skin will be too drying, face masks for dry skin will be cause spots. You could buy a few different face masks, I suppose, but, really, why should you?

So then I found Catastrophe Cosmetic. It is packed with calamine which is incredibly soothing, and talc which is deep-cleansing-but not in a way that leaves the skin dry and flakey. And at the same time it is moisturising with oils of chamomile, rose and almond and a dose of glycerine. There are also fresh blueberries, which are chopped into small pieces but are visibly there, and for that reason it must be stored in the fridge and finished within three weeks.

After using Catastrophe Cosmetic my skin is calmer, visibly refined and cleansed, yet soft and supple. There is no oily residue, and it isn't a pain to wash off. It doesn't dry hard, but it does dry to a powder. 

That's the only downside really - the powder. It makes a terrible mess if you change your facial expression (and sometimes if you don't) and it comes off over the floor. It smells nice, though - a mix of calamine and blueberry - in a way which exudes freshness and comfort. 

All of this is great for a £5.95 product. You get 75 grams in a recycled pot which I find is enough for four applications. I originally thought it'd last even longer, but when you apply this mask for the first time you realise that it's quite hard to spread thinly due to its texture and so you need quite a lot. I think that is a reasonable price, however--often you'd pay more for a product that is vegan, so this is a good find. 

The blueberries in Catastrophe Cosmetic are harvested locally and then frozen and used when needed-Lush tell us that this doesn't affect their potency and will ensure their antioxidant effect is maximised when blueberries are out-of-season. Whether that is true or not (I suspect it is true) this is still one of the freshest face masks you are likely to get, short of making one yourself. 

Extremely comforting and de-stressing
The messiest mask I've tried
Fresh and natural

Nice aroma



Brand: Lush

Size: 75 g
Price: £5.95 (£7.93/100 g)

Manufactured: United Kingdom

Ingredients: Calamine Powder, Talc, Irish Moss Gel, Blueberries, Glycerine, Almond Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Limonene, Methyl Ionone, Perfume. 

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