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Lush Aquatic Toothy Tabs (review)

Lush Aquatic Toothy Tabs
I first came across Toothy Tabs at the counter of my local Lush store; I was shopping there because I'd recently turned vegan and a large proportion of their products are vegan-friendly. I wasn't too concerned about what they tasted like, whether they had whitening effects, or anything else for that matter - I was just relieved that I could yet again use a product when I cleaned my teeth. Veganism was all very new to me and although I was part-way there, I hadn't yet found vegan alternatives for things like oral hygiene,  laundry, or shaving. The sheer excitement I experienced when I found these tablets was truly extraordinary.

Toothy Tabs are little tablets which you nibble between your teeth. You then simply wet your toothbrush and then clean as normal. Like traditional toothpaste, afterwards you spit out and rinse. They create quite a lather and they come in lots of different flavours; this one was Aquatic, which Lush describe as having a floral taste of jasmine. The packaging introduces Aquatic thus:

"A glorious romantic confection. For a fresh and floral way to clean your teeth, gently brush with this refreshing and seductive lime, jasmine and Earl Grey flavoured Toothy Tab." 

Though different, the experience of using Toothy Tabs was a joy. For the first week or so I looked forward to brushing. The taste I enjoyed and the fragrance was lovely. It was odd rinsing afterwards because these particular Toothy Tabs are a dark brown colour, but I got used to it. And, importantly, my teeth felt clean. That's what it is all about, after all. There didn't seem to be a trade-off between their natural status and the potential of poor-smelling breath as I imagined there might, and I really didn't miss the mint flavour of my normal toothpaste. The purpose of these tabs is to clean teeth. They don't have any frills such as whitening effects, but I actually found this quite endearing - I don't think I've ever experienced a whitening effect from whitening toothpaste, so I'm glad that there was a dose of honest here. Who needs claims that can't be substantiated, anyway? 

Toothy Tabs are packaged in a cardboard box which is great from an environmental point of view. They are tiny, and so they're great for travel - there just isn't need to pop a full toothpaste tube in a wash bag when you have these little wonders. Natural cosmetics lovers would approve (see the full ingredients list below) and of course they're not tested on animals. 

There is something you should be aware of, however: Toothy Tabs don't contain fluoride. This might be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view. To discuss the medical benefits of fluoride toothpaste is out of the scope of this blog and so I encourage you to do your own research before deciding to switch products on a permanent basis. Personally, when I'd given up veganism, I switched back to my normal toothpaste. If it wasn't for the fluoride thing, I'd still be using these now - and working my way through their full, exotic-smelling range. 

Natural and environmentally friendly
They don't contain fluoride; however, for some people, this could be a selling point
Vegan and vegetarian
A little more expensive than some traditional toothpastes
Nice, unusual taste

Tabs beat paste in my opinion


Brand: Lush


Size: 12 g (40 Tablets)
Price: £3.50 (£0.09/tablet)

Manufactured: United Kingdom

Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Anhydrous Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sorbitol, Lauroyl Sarcosine, Kaolin, Organic Sencha Tea Powder, Jasmine Absolute, Lime Oil, Wakame Seaweed Powder, Fair Trade Organic Earl Grey Leaves, Fine Sea Salt, Sodium Saccharin, Flavour, Citral, Limonene, Linalool

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