Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Make-At-Home Cosmetics: Fresh and Fruity Mint, Green Tea and Apple Toner (tutorial)

Apple Cider Vingar © edu1971 -

Although it is so simple to make, this toner is a true aromatic delight. It is one of my favourite products and it has the power to scent an entire room. It balances the skin’s pH levels, works as an anti-inflammatory and reduces blemishes. Because it’s such good value to make it can be used generously and with abandon. 

One green teabag
Four or five mint leaves
Apple cider vinegar

A cup
A kettle of boiled water
A glass storage jar or spray bottle

This ridiculously easy recipe works in a few simple steps: Whilst the kettle is boiling, put the green teabag and the mint leaves into a cup. Once the kettle has boiled, fill the cup just over 3/4 full. Leave to cool. Later, when it is at room temperature, top up the cup with apple cider vinegar. Pour the liquid into a glass jar or spray bottle for storage in the fridge—where it can stay for a couple of weeks until it is finished up. To use, either spritz over the face after cleansing or moisten a cotton wool pad and wipe. 

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