Thursday, 12 June 2014

Make-At-Home Cosmetics: Super-Softening, Pout-Loving Honey Lip Scrub (tutorial)

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Go on, admit it—you’ve been neglecting your lips. We all do it. Balms, glosses and lipsticks do their job, but to get a really super-soft foundation, this recipe is what you need. It’ll exfoliate with natural salt, moisturise with gloriously tasty, sweet honey, and your lips will thank you with instant results.

One teaspoon of white sugar
One teaspoon of honey
A few drops of olive oil

Small bowl
Tea spoon

Mix the honey, sugar and olive oil a small bowl. Apply the scrub to your lips and massage for up to three minutes as desired. To finish, leave the balm on for a little while so that the honey can really do its thing. 

From this recipe you’ll get enough product to last for about three goes, so you can always pot it up and store it in the fridge for about a week. Or, invite your friends around for a pamper party, make double, and finish it all up!

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