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Mate-At-Home Cosmetics: Deeply Comforting Avocado Hand Masque (tutorial)

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There is something intensely satisfying about slathering soft, oily yet crumbly avocado over the hands. It is deeply comforting and it doesn’t matter if it’s started to turn a little brown—we’re not eating it, after all. In this treatment you will find the hardcore moisturising effects you want when your skin is parched and nothing else will do. 

This treatment can be used three times a week. It is suitable for drier, rougher, hard-working  hands that are in need of a little pampering. I suggest using it just before bed so that you can rinse it off before massaging in your favourite rich hand cream. 

One avocado—the softer the better
1/2 tablespoon of olive oil

Small bowl
Wooden spoon
Sharp knife
Blender—if preferred

Slice and peel the skin from the avocado. The softer the avocado the easier this will be. If it is a little tough, persevere—it’ll be worth it. When you’re done, mix the avocado with the olive oil in a small bowl. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth—you can do this with your fingers, squeezing the avocado between your fingers to break it up, or, if you prefer, you can form a perfect paste by using a food blender. 

Apply the mixture to the hands straight away, massaging gently. As needed, leave the mixture on the hands for up to twenty minutes. Wrap in a warm towel if you’d like. And say goodbye to rough skin while you wait. 

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