Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Superdrug Style Expertise 11 Volume Plumping Powder (review)

Superdrug Style Expertise 11 Volume Plumping Powder

This little bottle of hair styling powder is easy to miss on Superdrug's packed shelves – there's no outer box to bulk up the appearance (hooray for trees!) - but at least it's a bright colour. It would be a shame to miss it because I think it's a great little find, and here's why…

This is normally one of the last things I consider but Superdrug's take on styling powders is under three pounds and you get 10 g of product for that mini outlay. (The current 2 for £4 offer brings costs down even more!) Most products of this type hover around the five pound mark which makes this excellent value for money.

But does it work? Initially I was dubious, the powder actually feels like fine sand and left my scalp feeling a bit gritty. It was also obvious I had styling powder in my hair because of the white residue. The trick with Superdrug's powder is to work it into your hair carefully and thoroughly. You can't shake this onto your roots, tousle your hair with your fingers and walk out of the door. You must work it in.

If you do this then the white powder residue disappears, the grittiness becomes less noticeable and you hair doesn't feel like you've dipped it into a sand dune. After a little bit of massaging in my hair definitely had more control and guts to it, the volume was noticeably increased and it had a grippier texture (perfect for updos). What really impresses me is its ability to last all day. Even some top end styling powders can't manage that!

All Superdrug's own-brand products are completely cruelty-free and they have the leaping bunny logo to prove it. As for ingredients, well… there are only three and one of them is water! Needless to say, there are no mineral oils, parabens, artificial colours, fragrances or animal-derived ingredients.

This is made exclusively for Superdrug and while it's more fiddly to use than some more expensive rivals, I think the results are worth the effort. The long-lasting control and volume it gives you is really impressive and it doesn't make your hair greasy at all. The fact it can impress so much for just £2.99 is great – I'll definitely be buying it again.

Genuinely effective; good volume and texture
Requires more effort to massage in completely
Long-lasting and no greasy roots

Animal-kind; suitable for vegans


Brand: Superdrug

Size: 10 g
Price: £2.99 (£29.90/100 g)

Manufactured: n/a

Ingredients: VP/VA Copolymer, Silica Silylate, Aqua

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